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My Clean City Privacy Policy

Welcome to My Clean City! We invite you to read this privacy policy, which describes our privacy practices, including how and when we handle the member and visitor information collected and created through your use of My Clean City.

What is this document?

This policy is a part of the My Clean City member agreement, and it controls over any conflicts with that agreement. Please read this policy carefully. By visiting, joining, or using My Clean City, or otherwise indicating that you agree to this policy, you consent to and authorize our using your personal information as described in this policy. If you don’t consent to us using your information as described, please stop using My Clean City and, if you are a member, delete your account. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Who or what is My Clean City?

My Clean City is a private social network for neighbours to contribute to a cleaner street and inevitably a cleaner society. We use “My Clean City” here to refer to the MyCleanCity.nl website and our iOS and Android apps (also referred to as our “Services”) that provide you with access to that platform. We also use “My Clean City” to refer to the companies operating our Services.

The owner of My Clean City is Savana Solutions and is located at (2511 CB) The Hague at Kalvermarkt 53. It is responsible within the meaning of Article 1 (d) of the Personal Data Protection Act ("Wbp") for processing your personal data and will also report this to the Personal Data Authority.

What are My Clean City’s rules and expectations about member privacy and information?

My Clean City can be a great way for members to come together and build a tighter knit community. To make it work, we have some clear ground rules and expectations about member information and privacy:

  • You are 18 or above 18 years old.
  • Don’t share your neighbours’ information or non-public Content without their permission.
    • It’s important to My Clean City that neighbours should be able to communicate privately amongst themselves; that’s why we restrict who can access your neighbourhood and offer you to privately message a neighbour.
    • If you take information or Content shared by one member to another member and share it outside the neighbourhood(s) without their permission, you are violating your neighbours’ expectations; that behaviour is a serious breach of trust.
    • Don’t share your personal account with someone else.
    • It’s important to My Clean City that members be who they say they are. If you share your account, it’s not clear who is behind your name.
  • Don’t gather information from My Clean City, either manually or using automation (such as through scripts, robots, crawlers or spiders).
  • We know that you do not want spam or marketing phone calls from third parties, so we will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties, and we won’t share it with a third party unless we have your authorization. Similarly, it is never OK for you to give, sell, rent, or otherwise share your neighbors' information from My Clean City to third parties. Violating any of the above or other aspects of the My Clean City Member Agreement may lead to a loss of account privileges, potentially including a permanent ban from My Clean City.
  • It is important to know that we have some rewards offering for active participation. This rewards include different categories such as;
    • Tree rewards: users do not have any kind rights on trees even though they earn their virtual trees by earning points. The tree rewards are only fictions and municipality has all ownership of them. No claims on virtual tress will be acceptable.
    • Other rewards: Other rewards such as Coupons, Certificates, community are limited number of rewards. All rewards can be withdrawn any times without any prior notice. We are doing a pilot test and based on need and requirements we have the right to change anything within the period.

What information does My Clean City collect, and how? My Clean City collects information in various ways:

We collect information from you, when you give it to us directly or give us the go-ahead to get it from another source.

For example, when you register for My Clean City, you voluntarily provide your name, address, email address, and similar information. Here are some other ways that you might provide us with information: If you decide to invite new members to join My Clean City, you might share their residential or email address with us, or share your contacts with us, so we can send an invitation and follow-up reminders on your behalf.

  • If you want to join My Clean City but we don’t yet have service for your neighborhood, you might give us your contact information and ask us to notify you when we do.
  • If you use Facebook or Google+ to register for or log in to My Clean City (or later connect your accounts), you authorize Facebook and Google to share your personal information with us, including your email address and publicly available information about you and your Facebook and Google+ friends.
  • If you want to help your neighbors and My Clean City get to know you better, you may share information about yourself in your profile — your interests, skills, or even what you love about your neighborhood.
  • If you want to communicate with your neighbors and share Content (as defined in our member agreement), you might post something on My Clean City.
  • If you want to allow us to show you where you are on your neighborhood map, to tag your posts, photos and events by location, to verify your address (where available), or to display activities and Content that may be relevant to your current location, we may ask your permission to access geolocation information from your mobile device.
  • If you contact us with a support request or comments, you may provide us with your contact information and a description of the issue so we can respond.

We collect information from your browser, computer, or mobile device, which provide us with technical information when you use My Clean City as a visitor or member. Like nearly every other online service, we automatically collect technical information created when you visit or use My Clean City or read a message from us, including:

  • Device data, which tells us about the device you’re using: what type and model it is, its operating system and version, its unique identifier, crash data (if applicable), and what settings you’ve enabled. Your device and software settings affect what information your device makes available to us.
  • Log data, which is automatically recorded by our servers based on data sent by your app or browser. This typically includes the date and time you visited, the browser or app version you used (and its settings), the URLs you came from and go to, your IP address and protocol, and how you used My Clean City (for example, which links you clicked on).
  • Cookie data, which comes from “cookies” (small data files stored on your computer or mobile device) and similar technologies. Cookie data helps us recognize you, remember your preferences, and learn more about you; some, but not all, cookie data is associated with your My Clean City account. You can configure your browser to reject cookies, but doing so will prevent you from logging into our website.

We collect information from public sources, such as census data, street addresses, property lot maps, and postal address change information. This helps us understand our members and potential areas for expansion.

How do we use the information we collect?

We use information to identify and invite potential new members, and to set up new My Clean City neighborhoods.

  • If you decide to invite new members to join My Clean City, you might share their residential or email address with us, or share your contacts (or social-media friends list) with us, so we can send an invitation and reminders on your behalf.
  • We use public sources to help identify potential new members (well, technically, addresses not already associated with a My Clean City membership); and, on rare occasions, use that information to send direct-mail invitations.
  • If you register or log in via Facebook or Google+, we may give you the option to invite your Facebook or Google+ friends to My Clean City. Those friends will see some information about you along with your invitation.
  • If you ask us to notify you when we start offering service to your neighborhood, we keep your request until your neighborhood is established, and then use it to notify you as requested and to help verify you as a resident.

We use information to get you started on My Clean City:

  • For residential members, we verify that you live at the address you gave us through a combination of your address and a second factor, such as a code we provide you, digits from your credit card or social security number (where permitted by law), or manual verification by the member who invited you or by a Lead
  • If you sign up via Facebook or Google+ by connecting your accounts, we use your Facebook or Google+ information to automatically create your My Clean City account, populate your profile, and request a password, so you can log into My Clean City in the future without connecting through Facebook or Google+.
  • Once you register, your personal information is used to populate your profile.
  • We use information to operate My Clean City and to improve our products and features:
  • To help you publish Content and view and respond to Content from other members, based on your settings and posting selections.
  • To highlight popular neighborhood topics or resources on a neighborhood’s public home page or an organization’s public page.
  • To understand the aggregate demographics of the members and neighborhoods we serve.
  • To respond to your support requests and comments.
  • To test and evaluate potential new products and features on My Clean City.
  • To diagnose and resolve problems, analyze trends, and monitor aggregate usage and resource needs.

What rights do you have regarding your data?

You can view and customize the data stored in your My Clean City Account. If you want to see the data that My Clean City has recorded of you, you can request a review on your own account. This request can be sent to connect@savana.solutions. My Clean City will respond to your inspection request within four (4) weeks. ​

If you wish to make changes to the data you have seen in response to your inspection request, you can request this by sending an email to connect@savana.solutions . You can request that My Clean City removes or hides your data. The costs are for your own account. My Clean City will respond to your request within four (4) weeks. If My Clean City rejects your request, we will explain why your request was rejected.

How does My Clean City share information about me with third parties?

My Clean City is a platform for neighbors to share helpful information with each other to inevitably create a cleaner society. To that end, we make the Content you post on My Clean City, such as posts, replies, messages, and profile information, available to other My Clean City members.

As we’ve said above, we know that you do not want spam or marketing calls from third parties, so we will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties, and we won’t share it with a third party unless we have your authorization.

We share some aggregated information about our neighborhoods with government agency members and other organizational members, such as statistics about neighborhood activity and size. Because of the special role played by government agency accounts, we may provide agency accounts with limited identifying personal information (first name and last initial) for neighborhood Leads, so that the agency can communicate directly with them.

We may also share aggregated or de-identified information with government agency members or other organizational members.

In limited circumstances (for example to highlight popular neighborhood resources or topics on the neighborhood’s home page), we may make snippets of Content available, without your name or other identifying information, to the public (meaning non-members and search engines).

We may share your personal information with third-party service providers doing work for us. These third parties are contractually required to use it only to provide their service to us, and contractually barred from using it for their own purposes. (For example, we use a company to help test and analyze the performance of our website and mobile applications.)

We may share your information within our “corporate family”, meaning MyCleanCity.nl & Savana Solutions a registered company in the Netherlands. Upon or in anticipation of the merger or acquisition of our company and/or all or part of its assets, your personal information may be transferred. If you have questions about the My Clean City family of companies, contact us.

Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur (Wob). Posts by government agency accounts, and your replies to those posts, may be subject to laws mandating public access to government records (such as the Wob).

Legal and Safety Reasons. We may retain, preserve, or share your personal information if we have a good-faith belief that (a) we are legally required to do so in response to a legal request (e.g., a subpoena, search warrant, court order, or other request from law enforcement) or (b) that it is necessary or appropriate to do so to protect our rights, property, or safety; to enforce our Member Agreement or any other agreements we have with you; or to prevent physical injury or other harm to any person or entity, including yourself and members of the general public. Our legal team reviews every request received from law enforcement, and we frequently seek modifications of requests that we believe are procedurally flawed or too broad.

What else should you understand about your information and My Clean City?

Data Retention: We may retain your information in our server logs, our databases and our records for as long as necessary in light of the purposes set out in this privacy policy, subject to any legal obligations to further retain such information. We may retain your verification-related information for a reasonable period of time, even if you do not complete all verification steps, to assist with future verifications and to prevent abuse of our verification processes. If you decide not to verify the account and would like us to delete the verification information you provided, contact us.

Account Security. My Clean City uses technical and organizational measures intended to keep your data secure, including using https on our web pages to reduce the risk of unauthorized interception of your communications during your visits to the website. However, the internet is not a fully secure environment and we cannot guarantee that your personal information won’t be intercepted or improperly accessed. Please ensure that you keep your password safe and do not share it with anyone.

Accessing Your Information. You can access much of your My Clean City information by logging into your My Clean City account.

Other Services and Websites. In using My Clean City, you may come across links to websites and services operated by third parties (for example, if a member shares a link to a video on YouTube). These third parties have their own privacy policies, which will apply to your activity if you click on the link and access their website or service. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for such external sites’ privacy and security practices.

Amendment. From time to time we may make changes to this privacy policy This Privacy Statement was last amended on August 21, 2017. My Clean City reserves the right to make changes to this. You are responsible for staying updated on the latest version of this Privacy Statement. My Clean City recommends that you check regularly on the app or website if there are any adjustments.

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