Call for Super users for mycleancity app

Please send us request, we will contact you shortly.

Mycleancity (beta) is launched in the Laakkwartier. The team is looking for normal users and Super users preferably in the vicinity of Laak, who can help with giving some feedback. Normal users can earn a reward such as virtual trees, Mycleancity polo T-shirts, gift cards (Zara, Mediamarkt, AH etc.). Super users are also rewarded during the pilot for their support by giving the app feedback. Send an e-mail for more information to connect@mycleancity.nl

Super users Tasks to do:

We are looking for 10 interested super users.
  • Period: From 24 January to 24 March
  • Time: They can give us feedback at any time (based on their availability)
  • Task: Use app / by reporting real-time problems with underground waste containers, such as (blocked container, full container, waste next to container) only 2 -3 times a week feedback (by meet / call / whatsApp)
  • Contact

App download link: http://www.mycleancity.nl/aboutapp.php

Website: www.mycleancity.nl